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Hydro/Bio balls for use in bioactive terrariums and other terrarium setups.  Bio balls are made of pure, natural clay and safe for use in terrariums for reptiles, amphibians and other pets.  Bio balls are used as a sub-layer, or watertable, to collect water in the bottom of high humidity terrariums, separeted by a barrier (biocarpet) from the soil/substrate above  (e.g. ABG Frog/Terrarium Mix, or Coco Fiber).


The increased surface area of hydro balls facilitate bacterial growth to biodegrade nitrogen/waste, aids in water filtration, are easy to clean and reusable. Hydro balls can also be used to create a bottom layer in terraiums with standing or running water, such as a waterfall setting. Also excellent when mixed with coco chips or charcoal as a medium to raise springtails, or as a sub-layer to maitain humidity in isopod cultures. Please see calcium Infused, Bioball-Charcoal substrate products, specifically prepared for springtails and isopod cultures.

Hydro /Clay Bio Balls

  • Ingredients: Clay

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