About Us

Pawsitive Natural Pet Resort is owned and founded by Bria Kulapragasasm, a Canine Behaviour Specialist and the Master Stylist at Pawsitive Natural Pet Resort. The idea for a nature-based pet care company was born from her experience with her own dogs. Jada the Rottweiler was diagnosed with late stage Lymphatic Cancer and given weeks to live. Devasted by the news Bria sought out any available remedy to ease
Jada’s pain.
One significant factor that has been discovered is that cancer is one of the most common diseases suffered by canines. The main reason for this is because unlike humans, their bodies are unable to filter out most of the toxins in our environment which can accumulate and surface as tumours, bone cancers and lymphatic failure. Bria converted to natural treatments and products and prevented as much exposure to harsh toxins as possible. The results were undeniable and immediate and not only did Jada survive for many additional months, but Bria was inspired to create Pawsitive Natural Pet Resort with the hope of improving the quality of life for all our pets.